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Alliance for Green Socialism

The AGS rejects capitalism because it exploits workers, consumers and environment. We need a radical transformation to a society that values both people and the natural ecology on which people depend for life. The capitalist drive for endless growth, endless consumption and huge inequality will destroy our ecosystem and our society. Green socialism would mean a better, fairer, happier life for all of us - and the chance of a future for our children.


AGS basics

Green socialism stands on two pillars: red & green, left & ecological. We believe that an unfair, capitalist society like ours is wrong, and that a society that destroys its own environment is doomed. Two inter-linked themes.



5th October 2013
Manchester - Friends Meeting House
Ideas for action
Register 9am, conference 10am to 5pm
Workshops: economy 99%, local actions,
extreme energy, democracy, ecosocialism

We wont pay

Osborne: cuts for ever

Osborne has told Tory conference that he will continue cutting even if the economy recovers. He used the financial crash as an excuse to hit the poor. Now he wants to use the desire for a budget surplus to make austerity the norm.


Who are we?

AGS members are independent-minded, anti-capitalist, and environmentalist. We include ex-Labour, ex-Green Party, ex-Communist, new to politics, etc. We work with all with whom we have common ground in the struggle for a better society. Our activists are men & women of all backgrounds.